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     Abby Specializes in:

  • Weight Loss and Weight Management

  • Adolescent and Child Nutrition

  • General Nutrition and Wellness

  • Preventive Health

  • Pre/Postnatal Nutrition

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Diabetes Management

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities

  • Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition

  • Autoimmune Diseases

My private practice is evenly divided between adult and pediatric nutrition.  In addition to working with individual family members, I  also see couples and whole families who want to make lasting changes in a supportive environment. Consultations can take place in my office, via FaceTime or telephone.

Our Process

Initial consultation:

The initial consultation is used to gather information necessary to assess your health, nutritional status and goals. When required, this consultation may involve several members of your family. We will discuss what food means to you and I will help educate you on the specifics needed to improve your diet and well-being. Together, we will work on a meal plan tailored to your goals, lifestyle and food preferences. You will leave with a customized plan, new strategies for making improvements to your health and the confidence necessary to follow through in order to make meaningful changes. Consultations can take place in my office, via FaceTime or telephone. Initial mini-consultations are complimentary.

Follow up consultations:

Follow-up counseling gives us the opportunity to reevaluate goals and strategies, and to make necessary modifications to your diet. What’s working for you? What’s not working? What are the stumbling blocks you are encountering? What do you need to move past them? This is all important stuff. Diets are easy. Sustainable life changes are not.  I can help you with that.




Most children - even the pickiest eaters - will get the adequate nutrition required to grow. By working with me on consistent modeling and steady exposure, your picky eater will naturally learn to like new foods. If your fears are that your child is eating too much and gaining weight more rapidly than they are growing, there is help for that too. I can work with you to create a meal plan that provides an appealing nutritious and balanced diet that will promote healthy weight maintenance until your child can grow into their current weight. My individualized plans take in to consideration the needs of the particular child without singling them out in the family. I work with the entire family to provide a supportive atmosphere for the child to have a successful outcome.




The teen years are hard. There is so much going on both physically and emotionally. This is a period of weight gain, rapid growth, hormonal changes, social adjustment, and stress.  The first real taste of independence often finds teens making poor nutritional choices.  The key to success with teenagers is creating a simple plan that allows them to make just a few positive adjustments that will offer them a maximum nutritional benefit, while still allowing them the freedom to be teenagers.

In my teen practice, I also work with athletes who want to create a meal plan that will increase their strength, stamina and provide them with the optimal nutrients in order to improve their physical performance.  The most important thing for teens is that I listen to them, hear their goals, their frustrations and then work within that framework to help guide them towards eating in a way that is both pleasurable and sustainable.




Maintaining healthy and optimal nutrition is hard. It’s a high wire act that many of us have trouble balancing. We are busy. We are tired. We are so focused on the needs of our loved ones, that we push our own needs aside. Everybody and every body is different. What works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for all.  I will develop an easy to follow, easy to use, nutritional program that will allow you to free up time and mental energy while still meeting your goals. 



As we move from adulthood into another phase of our lives, nutrition and weight management become even more critical to maintaining overall health and longevity.  Very often this stage of our life presents itself with more physical and medical challenges that can all be positively impacted by following a proper nutrition program.

I have expertise in managing the nutritional needs of older clients dealing with various medical issues and can customize a program that meets your specific needs while supporting your overall good health.




For busy families with multiple schedules, ensuring that everyone’s needs get met, can be tough. Creating a family  meal plan that is pleasurable and manageable benefits everyone. For children, balanced family meals set-up good eating habits and healthy patterns for life. For adults, this plan means not preparing multiple meals for each family member. For teens, family meals often provide stability and cohesiveness during an otherwise overwhelming time of their lives. In my work with families, I look at  each member’s individual needs and then look at the family unit as a whole. Meals should be easy to prepare, and every family member should feel like their needs are being addressed and provided for. The goal is for everyone to be satiated and have some of what they love as part of a balanced meal program. The premise is simple - if it only works for one person, it doesn’t work.

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