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Nutrition Made Simple

Abby Greenspun, MS, RD, CDN

Weight Management  |  Medical Nutrition Therapy  


See Abby Explain Healthy

Eating for You and Your Family

How do you get the most personalized nutrition counseling?


Abby Greenspun’s mission is to provide the highest quality, personalized nutrition counseling, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to prevention and wellness management. Her goal is to have her clients completely satisfied with every aspect of their nutritional guidance. We do not accept health insurance, but our fees may be reimbursed by your insurance provider. This “concierge” model enables us to provide a more focused and personalized level of service to our clients. Abby is committed to putting YOU first.  

Contact her for a free 15-minute consultation to see for yourself!

Abby Greenspun, MS, RD, CDN

Who Benefits from Working with Abby?

Abby’s private practice caters to the needs of all demographics. She sees children, adolescents, college students, adults, and geriatric clients. Abby also has extensive expertise in managing meal plans around food sensitives, food allergies, cardiovascular disease, diabetes management, gastrointestinal issues and auto immune conditions. In addition to working with individual family members, Abby also sees couples and whole families who want to make achievable and lasting changes.

What Abby's Clients are Saying

"Losing weight can seem very daunting, but it's much less overwhelming when you have Abby on your team. She is smart and well-versed on nutrition, she is a great listener who understands the hectic lives many of us lead, and she is a positive role model as an exercise enthusiast, healthy home cook, and busy mom of two. Abby will help you start putting your health and yourself first. And, if you follow her sensible eating plan and strategies, you will feel satisfied and can lose weight at a healthy pace."

-Busy Mom of three kids

Healthy Cooking

"130 pounds. How does one even wrap their head around 130 pounds? Before I began seeing Abby, 25 seemed daunting, 50 seemed unthinkable, and 100 seemed surreal beyond comprehension. And yet here I am, less than two years later, with a weight that begins with the number "1" instead of the number "3" it was when I first walked through her door. And perhaps the most incredible part that puzzles nearly everyone who asks what my secret is? Is that my "secret" is not a thing, but a person - my incredible nutritionist. And, that this experience has not been anything close to the "hard work" they assume it must have been. Instead, it's just who I am, how I love eat (and boy do I love to eat!), and how I choose to nourish and better understand my body. So, take the leap of faith - Abby won't let you fall!"

-Kristin S.

"We had dinner tonight as a family, we all ate the same thing and my life was instantly easier! My daughter refused the turkey burger at first but when I tried to take it away at the end of dinner, she said no and ate it! And she ate turkey meatballs last night with us. I don't even know who she is! 

Abby empowered me and reminded me that I was in charge.

-Mom B.C. 

Family Preparing Dinner
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